Watch the Bachelorette finale with me


Hey everyone! I want to start a "series" on the blog where I do bachelor/bachelorette watch with me's. I LIVE for this show... it's a problem honestly. I get so invested it's crazy!!! That being said, I know I'm not the only one like this, and I thought it would be fun to talk about my thoughts from certain episodes. The blogs will be in a different format than previous blog posts. I want to make it more like tweets with my current thoughts about what is going on. I will of course upload after the episode airs so I'm not spoiling anything! I also plan to add photos of the people on the show, so the readers who don't watch the show can still follow along. I'm really really excited to start this series, and hope you all enjoy it! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show:)

Let me start by telling you how upset I am Ben went home last episode:( We do however see that he comes back in the preview, so I'm very excited for that. Here is a picture of Ben:


Tayshia is talking with Jojo about her feelings for the final 3 guys. Jojo talks about her experience and gives Tayshia advice on how to take her overnight dates seriously. 

It was just announced that Ivan will have the first overnight date! I really like Ivan I feel like he balances her out so well and will give her exactly what she needs in a marriage. This is Ivan: 

Zac goes "It's about Tayshia.. Period." Yesssss Zac!!!! I love him so much. This is Zac: 

OMG their date....... I'm dying for them. They are going into ice baths and trying to beat the world record of longest kiss in an ice bath. The record to beat is 5 minutes.. They definitely will beat it.

I love his attitude. "Mind over matter." Love it! Ok, the contest has begun, and you can see them shivering... I feel awful. This is so hard to watch, they are fully shaking. They are becoming more relaxed so that's good because you can see their chemistry. THEY BEAT THE RECORD!!! YAYYYYY! Awww they got a trophy, that's so cute. 

The next date card has arrived. Zac has the next overnight date!!!! Let me say he is my favorite and I'm obsessed with him:) Tayshia and Zac have the most insane relationship with so much chemistry. I LOVED seeing his hometown date, and everything his family had to say about him. 

Now it's Ivans night portion of his date. They are reflecting on their day and talking about how amazing their life would be at the end of this. Tayshia has very strong feelings for him, and she expresses how much she trusts and feels comfortable with him. She says they had chemistry right off the back and that was super important to her. Ivan talks about how the word love means so much to him and how showing his feelings is hard for him. He tells her he has been falling in love with her and says he sees it working out with them in the end. Tayshia is fully blushing, and she confesses that she is falling in love with him as well. This date is going so well!!! They are so comfortable with each other and I think that is key in a relationship. They are off to the fantasy suite!!!😊 They are staying in an RV because they can't go to a hotel obviously because of covid. It's really cute and has candles set up. Well.... we know what happens next😉🤫

Ivan and Tayshia just woke up from their date. They both said they and the best date, and Ivan says he's ready to propose to Tayshia. 

NOW TIME FOR ZAC! My fav. He looks beautiful by the way LOL. 

No, I can't. Her smile is so big when she sees him and he is just as happy. I feel so uncomfortable for Brendan because he is the only one left with Ivan who already went on the date. Here is Brendan:

Ok, Zac's date has officially started. They are making a picture by painting themselves. They are rolling around and throwing paint everywhere. It's really cute and Zac says he has never been happier in his entire life. They have so much fun together and the chemistry... it's insane. You can just tell how much they love one another. They are lying down dreaming about what life would be like together. I truly think they are the most compatible, and I think they are the best versions of themself when they are together. 

Now it is the night portion of Zac's date. Zac says he can't stop thinking about the dream they were thinking about during the date. Tayshia says she really loves the comfort they have with each other. Tayshia brings up a conversation she had with Zac's mom about him wanting no kids. Zac reassures her he does and that when he was lonely before, he would trick himself into thinking he didn't want a family. He says now it's all he wants and that he wants it with Tayshia. They are very open with each other and I think that is so important. Zac tells Tayshia he loves her. He tells her everything he loves about her and that it's important for him to know that. Tayshia tells him she loves him too and they are getting emotional. I LOVE them. I can't even explain it. They are everything. Now they are off to the fantasy suite😊 They are perfect for each other and I'm getting emotional watching this. My friends are texting me right now about how much they love Zac. It's seriously unreal. I have butterflies watching them. And well ya know...😉🤫

They woke up the next morning having a dance party on their bed. Cutest thing ever. I mean wouldn't expect anything less from them. They are already like a married couple, and I love them together (if you didn't already know that lol). They are the first couple to fully say I love you, and that for sure means a lot especially to Tayshia. That date could not have gone better. WOW is all I have to say. 

Now we are on to Brendan. Personally, I don't love him. I think he is a sweetie, but he has always been a bit unsure through this experience and I'm not sure he's ready for marriage. Tayshia really likes him though so we will see how the date goes. The guys are so awkward with each other now it's awful to watch. 

Brendan already says he feels pressure about his date, and you can see the concern in his face. They have a cute greeting. OMG. Their date is looking at wedding rings. Brendan is definitely pooping himself. The jeweler shows them different jewelry to give Taysha some ideas. Now they are looking at rings, and you can see Brendan freak out. Taysha on the other hand is loving this LOL!! Brendan says that he is scared in his interview. Now they are looking at the men's wedding band. He has already been married before and this is bringing up old memories for him. In his interview, he says he doesn't know if he can give her a future.. Oh boy... They are talking with Neil Lane (the jewelry) and Brendan has a straight face. Fully in freak out mode. Tayshia says that she feels a disconnect and that she can't read Brendan. 

They are now at the night portion. Tayshia's dress is beautiful!! Brendan says he was very surprised about the date but said he liked seeing her so happy. Tayshia opens up to Brendan about how she feels like their connection is lost, and that she doesn't know how he feels. He says he agrees with her, and that they had an immediate connection from the start, but it for sure has shifted over time. He talks about how the date stressed him out because a wedding ring means forever. Brendan is honest and says that he doesn't think he is ready for marriage. He gets emotional and starts crying about how he is still broken from his past marriage. He says he needs time to heal and grow from his divorce. I think this is crazy, and I can't believe he has waited this long to tell her. She is so blindsided I feel awful. Tayshia says that she can understand and that she can't fight for something that won't end up working. She is speechless and has no other words. She is now walking him out, and Brendan has officially eliminated himself. WOW. I honestly saw this coming, but the way he did this was so crazy. Taysha said she was so sure it was Brendan at the end of this, and that she is so in shock. Taysha is balling crying this is so upsetting. Brendan says he is devastated to see Tayshia so upset.

Rachel Lindsey (former Bachelorette) gives Tayshia a visit to have a chat. Taysha gives a recap of what has happened this past week. She explains the details about her relationships with Ivan and Zac. Tayshia then brings up Ben, and how he is someone she misses. Tayshia is excited about the end and the proposal and that is the end of her conversation with Rachel. 

Ivan and Zac are now getting ready for the rose ceremony. Zac looking beautiful as ever🥳 BEN IS BACK. ALERT BEN IS BACK. AT CHRIS HARRISONS DOOR. I KID YOU NOT. THIS IS HAPPENING. Ben tells Chris he is in love with Tayshia and that he must tell her. Now Ben is off to talk to Tayshia..... OMG. 

I cannot believe Ben is back. I really hope this conversation goes well. Ben is gorgeous like flawless lol. Ben is now at Tayshia's house. She is SHOCKED. They are now having a talk. You can tell she is like what is going on. He first apologizes for not knowing what to say and that he hasn't stopped thinking about it since he left. He tells Tayshia that he is in love with her and that he has always been in love with her. He says he made the biggest mistake not saying it in the moment. I think it took so much courage for him to do this, and I give him so much respect for that. He showed up and told her how he felt and that's the only thing he is able to do. Go Ben I love him. Taysia is so confused. I feel bad for her. She tells him she needs a minute and steps out of the room. She is talking to the producers about how shocked she is, and how she doesn't know what to do. WOW. She ends by saying "There is a rose ceremony, what do I do with that." Of course, we have a to be continued.... We see in the preview that she keeps Ben which means Ben and Zac are the final 2!!

See you all tomorrow night for the official finale! 

Welcome back!! It's time for the finale part 2 here we go!

The episode picks back up where Tayshia is shocked by Ben's return. She tells Ben to come to the rose ceremony and that she will decide then. OMG she kissed him. WHAT. she regrets it omg. He is so happy though lol!

Everyone is now arriving at the rose ceremony. I feel terrible for Zac and Ivan they are both like why is Ben here. Poor Ivan. Tayshia takes him aside and sends him home. That means Ben and Zac are the final 2.

Awww Tayshia is so happy to see her family! She gives her family some details on both the guys. Ben is the first to meet them so well see what happens. I'm nervous not going to lie.

Ben is a cutie omg. Tayshia's dad is worried about Ben. Worried that Ben isn't on the same page as her. Ben tells Tayshia's mom that he is in love with her and they had a good conversation. Ben also had a good conversation with her dad, but it is still clear her dad is concerned. Tayshia feels super confident about how it went so that's good! Ben tells her he loves her omg they are so cute. 

Now it's time for Zac YAY!! He is such a stud I will never get over it. Zac was asked by Tayshia's mom where he sees them in 5 years, and he lights up talking about it it's adorable. Her mom really likes Zac. He really reassures Tayshia's dad and you can tell they have a connection! AHHH I LOVE THIS. They had a really good day and Tayshia's family loves Zac! 

The next day Tayshia gets an unexpected visit from her dad. oh boy. He tells her that her family doesn't want her to make a mistake. He's worried about her getting hurt again. Tayshia is left very so confused and I honestly feel bad for her. Her dad really overwhelmed her, but hopefully, she got clarity. 

Tayshia now has 1 final date with each of the guys. First is Zac! Tayshia is overwhelmed still by her dad. ugh. They are getting a dance lesson for their potential wedding. Really really cute but Tayshia is for sure stressed. Omg she is so stressed I feel so bad, and I feel bad for Zac. Zac is just trying to make her feel comfortable, and he is doing it very well. They had a really good date, and I think his support meant a lot to her. Them dancing is the cutest thing ever. You can see how much they love each other. During the night portion of the date, Zac really reassures Tayshia of his love and they leave feeling super confident in the relationship. I think it's so important the way Zac calmed Tayshia down. She woke up prior to their date feeling so uneasy and so unclear about what she wants. Throughout their date, he really took it to the next level and put her at ease with her feelings.

Now it is time for Ben's date. Tayshia said that she woke up feeling like she knows it's Zac, and not Ben. She knows she needs to send him home. She shows up at his house and they have a talk. Ben looks so happy he has no idea what's coming I feel awful. She tells him her heart is with someone else. Omg she is fully sending him home. He is so blindsided omg. She sends him home. Which means... ZAC IS RECEIVING THE FINAL ROSE. OMGGGGG. 

Tayshia is now getting ready for the final rose ceremony!!!!! I'm legit crying I don't know why I always get emotional lol. ZAC IS PICKING OUT THE RING. Tayshia is standing waiting for Zac. Tayshia is getting super emotional. Zac has arrived!! He says the sweetest things to her omg. Zac is crying he's so happy. HE PROPOSED. IM CRYING. YUP CRYING. They are leaving in a fake taxi like his hometown date omg so cute. 

Alright, it's official Tayshia and Zac are happily engaged!! I'm so happy for them, I think they will make an amazing couple! My overall thoughts are that the season ended how I wanted it to. I think Zac is a very genuine guy who will give Tayshia exactly what she deserves in a husband! I hope you all enjoyed reading this recap/reaction blog about the finale. Let me know if you think I should turn this into a series!! I have many ideas on how to make these really fun! Happy Holidays everybody I hope you all have an amazing Holiday break:)🥳🌹

xoxo Rebekah