Clothing in Covid


Don't you miss getting all dressed up to go into town with your friends? I know I certainly do. The joy you get when picking out a trendy and chic outfit is something I wouldn't trade for the world. Sadly, 2020 hasn't been the best year to show off all your outfits due to Covid of course. Trends like leather pants, chunky boots, puff shoulders, biker shorts, blazers, bodysuits ext... have now transformed into loungewear and PJs. Tie-dye has been a huge trend through Covid, and I've seen so many people creating businesses that are so exciting and new. So much has happened to the fashion world during this time, and trends have shifted so much. Now we get to add a mask to our outfit which is always fun! What are your thoughts on mask chains? I'm really into them right now (I'm going to add some of my favs down below). Personally, jewelry is my favorite thing to add to outfits. Gold beaded bracelets, hoop earrings, and stacking necklaces are super in fashion at the moment. I feel like jewelry adds so much to an outfit. It brings the whole look together by adding pops of color and bling that catch people's attention. Let me know what your favorite fashion trends are and your thoughts on the new covid trends! Hopefully, soon we will all be able to go out and let our fashionista sides shine:)

xoxo Rebekah 

These are my favorite mask chains from a place called The Mask Necklace. You can find them on instagram they have some really cute ones:)