Online School:/


How are you all feeling about online school? I know for me it's exhausting. I feel like the days go by painfully slow, and every week feels like a repeat of the week prior. My school originally was a hybrid schedule, and we went into school two days a week. The rules were strict, but it was nice to be able to interact with people face to face, well kinda face to face haha! The schedule was working really well, but that has suddenly shifted. We have been remote all week due to the low number of staff able to attend in-person school. The new layout is not ideal. We have 75-minute classes all on zoom. Being on your computer all day is so draining, and the switching of schedules can get so confusing. We have all had to adapt to a new learning style, and for most of us, this has been really challenging. I know so many of us have had to miss important and memorable things in our lives. It's something that no one saw coming, and unfortunately, we haven't yet reached the end. I get really upset thinking about it, to be honest with you, but I'm hoping for a good outcome sooner rather than later. Anyway, I wanted to give you some of my techniques on how I have stayed organized during this shift in our learning. Staying on top of your work, and keeping organized is so crucial during these times to maintain a strong work ethic. Something that has really benefited me is sitting down every Sunday night, and color-coding a planner for the week. I know this sounds super simple, but trust me and try it out because it really is life-changing. I go day by day and plan out when I am going to do my work for each subject. I also write down any meetings, activities, and other things going on that week. I find this super helpful because it takes the stress off of remembering everything I need to do that week. Adding times to your planner also really helps manage your time, and gives you more of a clear picture of when to squeeze in free time. Prioritizing what you need to get done is also a great organization tip! Maybe you decide to put everything in pink in your planner that is a must get done that day, and everything in blue is the if I have time assignments. There are so many ways to create a layout for your planner, and this is 100% my top tip for all of you. Another simple and life-changing tip I have is to do your work right when it gets assigned. Procrastination is one of the hardest habits to get out of, trust me it happens to the best of us. Over time, I have learned that doing my homework assignments the day they are assigned, opens up so much time for other work, and things that need to be done. With that being said, I also believe it is important to do your homework immediately after school ends. You will feel so accomplished after and will have the rest of your night free. Lastly, I want to stress how important it is to give yourself breaks and allow yourself to do fun things. Doing things you really enjoy is just as important as your schoolwork, therefore it's super important to balance it all out. I also want to note that these tricks take time to settle in, and might be a big adjustment for some. In the end, however, I promise you it will be worth it. Just try one of these tips. Start using a planner, and for real use it this time. It will make a difference in your week and decrease a lot of stress. There are so many other ways you can manage your time and stay organized so please reach out to me if you need help with anything. Let me know how all of you have been organizing your work, I'm always looking for other ideas! I know these times right now are rough, but we will all get through them together:)

xoxo Rebekah

These quotes really stood out to me, therefore I wanted to share them with all of you. Make today a great day for yourself and everyone around you:)💕