Trying Trader Joe's snacks!


Hey everyone! I have something really exciting coming later in the week so this blog post will be a little on the shorter side. I thought it would be super fun to share some of my new favorite snacks from Trader Joe's! I got some of these recommendations from you all, and was so excited to try them! Here are pictures of the snacks I got:)

I LOVE this popcorn!! I am a huge popcorn fan in general, but I really like how this one is super light, but still has so much flavor! 

This is probably my favorite snack that I have tried. Everything bagels are truly my everything I basically eat one every morning. All I have to say is that if you like everything bagels and peanuts this snack is perfect for you! 

These are dried raspberries, and the one thing that is important to know is they are very sweet. Personally, I really like them, but I can only have so many at a time because of how sweet they are. I still highly recommend trying them!

These are basically upgraded cheezit's. They are SO good! A little less salty than cheezit's, but I really like hem! 

These are great potato chips! I love to dip them in hummus or any other dip. They go great with anything!

This is by far the best hummus I have ever had. That sounds super dramatic but I'm not kidding!! If you like olives then there is nothing about this that you wouldn't like. It's not too strong or anything, it's the perfect amount of flavor! I love love love it!! 

Now here are some of my favorite desserts. I love chocolate chip ice cream so these called my name right away! I love how they come in little cones because it's a small little treat to have and they are delicious!

These are my family's personal favorite! It is just an oreo cookie sandwich with mint ice cream in the middle! They are also little which makes it super easy to eat:)

Last but not least, the most requested item was the licorice. Amazing is all I have to say! I personally don't like cherry so I was super happy to see that they had strawberry. I have honestly become addicted to eating them haha!! 

Please let me know if there are any other snacks you recommend from Trader Joe's I am always looking to try more! Keep an eye out for something fun coming later in the week, and I hope you all are having an amazing week so far:)

xoxo RebekahđŸ„°

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